Saturday, March 16, 2013

We have good days and bad days.  Two days ago we had some heating folks in to take a look around.  Both said we had to scrap the furnace that was there and start over.  That was a bad day as both heating guys were looking around like we were crazy to take this project on.  The good news is that we have options now about the heating system and where it will go.  I would like to see it get out of the basement space of the main building so the space is a full 25 x 50 feet and therefore more attractive to potential renters.  Once we swallowed and accepted the fact that we have to spend some money on this building, we, meaning I, calmed down.  Next stop is to get a structural engineer in the building to help us figure out the best way to deal with the major sag in the middle of the main building.  

But, I know you all don't come here to read boring drivel about us having to actually spend some $$ on the poor old girl, you want to see the photos of progress.  So here they are:  We both took down walls yesterday.  Greg is working on the third floor and has about 3/4 of the attic gutted and thrown out the window into the dumpster. 

 I spent my time yesterday taking out more cardboard and removing a wall on the second floor where the old apartment used to be.  The more time I spend in this building, the less scared of it I am.  

On the second floor, I am getting a better sense of the space as a hotel.  There was a two room suite of rooms at the front of the building with a door going out to the portico and then there was a small room next to it with one window looking out towards the mouth of the Passy.  I guess this was a traveler's hotel with a lot of smaller rooms designed for just a bed and a dresser.  The wallpaper in this room was a fairly fancy Rococo Revival paper that may have been some shade of blue, which of course has totally faded. The design is below.

The wallpapers on the third floor were not as fancy, I assume because these were the cheap rooms.  However, there are some great designs up here as well.

I particularly love the border on this paper.  

Unfortunately, time and neglect has made the interior of this building unsalvageable.  This is what this place really looks like now.

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