Thursday, March 28, 2013

In which I had a bad day

I thought of not posting today because I personally had a bad day at Slum and Blight yesterday and I left frustrated and pissed off.  The previous owner has four days left to remove himself from the building and isn't even close.  I told Greg that I was changing the locks on Sunday night, but he calmed me down and said that would be a bad thing to do.  I will mention to the previous owner that weekly rent starts on Monday and is due before he can gain access to the building.  
By the way, he LOVES his new overalls!

Greg put in a locking door to the second floor where all our tools are and that made me feel better.  He also started removing the charred walls from back of the building where most of the old fire damage is located.  Everything is secure and stable with our new support beams, etc.  We decided to remove the wooden ceiling and walls in the front of the second floor and flirted briefly with saving the boards to be reused later.  I say briefly because upon removal of the first three, we noted that they were pretty rotted out.  I took down two boards and got rained on by what must have been a twelve pack of broken bottles and some animal nests made with burnt porn magazines and old Christmas tree branches (I kid you not) GROSS!  I had my hard hat, goggles and mask on, but REALLY??? ewwww.  This is going to take another week and some really dirty muscle work to get down.  

So after dusting myself off,  I decided to take down the shelves that were previously in the walk in closet / bedroom of the previous owner.  Until yesterday it was our tool closet.   What frustrated me was that the man can't maintain the building, but he can put 300 stripped screws into a shelving unit with hidden metal brackets that took me almost two hours to side.  I really wanted to get the old walls down and finally open up the second floor completely, but alas, the building kicked my ass and I surrendered...came home and had a nice hot shower and some soup.  

Today is a new day though!

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