Monday, March 25, 2013

In which there is progress and a hearing

Monday Evening Before and After Photos!

We got a couple of things done in the building this morning before attending a public hearing and panel discussion on Main Street Revitalizations around the state.  I lolly-gagged around the house for the morning, nursing the wound from my kitchen knife accident during last night's gluten free Asian food-making extravaganza.  Once I got to the building, Greg had started prepping the support beams that we were going to install on the second floor so that the third floor wouldn't come crashing down around us.  Greg promised me that once we got the supports in, I could go to town on the cardboard apartment walls in order to open up the second floor.  In typical guy fashion we got our crowbars out  (Greg favors the traditional crowbar, while I myself, favor the flat bar type. )  and decided the easiest way to get the temporary walls down was to just tug and push as hard as we could and pull them down...and that we did.    This dark and dingy wall came down and the once small enclosure became....

......this, and the boy was happy!

We took a short break after this, which became a much longer break as a state government hearing on downtown revitalization took several hours.  We learned a lot about what Belfast wants and needs from the folks most knowledgeable, and we are poised to try and provide more spaces for businesses on Main Street.....or we'll open a gay nightclub and a soup store..its a toss up!

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