Thursday, March 21, 2013

In which I get a present and there is a new wallpaper photo

We had a present today from the previous owner, a bunch of big white letters.  We can spell TOAST and TANS and REST and FATSO, but not all at once.  The letters are cool and old, each having a beveled edge with old gold leaf and black paint around the bevel.  Neat-O!

This old bottle fell on my hard hat today.  I like the faceted neck.  Must have been for an elixer..yeah, that's it, an elixer of some kind.

Then there was this 1960s LUXE wall clock in the shape of a flower, Very mod, very cool, very EBAY!

And then there was more wall paper.  This octagonal floral design was the earliest on the plaster, and then there were four other layers over that one.  The last layer was completely brown and had been scribbled on by kids and and adults alike.  

We spent a the day contriving a debris chute from the second floor to the dumpster below.  Greg took home a 10 x 20' industrial tarp we found at Ocean State Job Lots and sewed it into a tube that we suspended from the rafters and bungy chorded to the dumpster.  We then shoveled the plaster into old pickle buckets and dumped them down the chute. Once we got the method down, it took us about 45 minutes to get the awful mess down the chute and to the dumpster.  Sorry to everyone outside for the dust!  The building is better for having a good cleaning out every 150 years or so.  Tomorrow we will pull down the rest of the ceiling and then get to work on the walls over the weekend.  The second floor should be all gutted and cleaned out by Monday...and then the fun begins!

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