Saturday, March 9, 2013

Lets just call these the "Before photos" and leave it at that.  **GULP**

First we have the money shot.  From the third floor, one can see all the way to the end of the harbor.  This view will most likely change if the frozen food place in back of us gets sold and big condos or a hotel goes up in it's place

This is actually my preferred view, one that probably won't change all that much.  YAY for our team!

Then of course, there is the flip side.  Is this where Freddie Kruger was born?

Apparently, this is "cleaned out" 

Greg bought us respirators and hardhats....I'm thinking a hazmat suit.

But it is hard to beat the view.  Every floor has a great view of the water!

 Many people have come up to me over the last few months and asked about the famous cardboard apartment.  Well, that is the door to the cardboard apartment and it is coming out ASA the cat gets moved!!

Charred timbers from a fire on the second floor

And so it begins........

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