Wednesday, March 20, 2013

in which you all think...HAHA, thank the gods I am not those two fools

Submitted without comment

Ok, well that ain't gonna happen if you know me at all....there are loads of comments about these pictures of the barn.  Can you see the snow on the floor from yesterday's storm, that came through the roof???

Anyway, this is our beloved second floor of the barn.  The previous owner made some headway on cleaning it out two days ago, but he and his boys haven't been around since then.

 This is the "keep" pile

This is the "Seth and Greg, you want these boards?? " pile

The cash register from inside the wall that I thought would be full of cash.   It wasn't.

Why yes those garbage bags hanging from the ceiling ARE full of old insulation or something....

Of course all this stuff is supposed to be gone in the next two weeks.  But everything has to be gone through before it makes the way up onto the truck.  Ugghh.

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