Saturday, March 23, 2013

In which we create an altar to building memories and take down more ceiling

I worked in the building alone yesterday for the first time, taking down more of the ceiling on the second floor.  First I banged two support posts up in the middle of the room, just to be on the safter side.  This building is built like a fortress, but I want to make sure the third floor doesn't come crashing down on my head!  I briefly thought of pulling the nailers down all together, which would have crashed the section of the ceiling I was working on to the floor, all in one fell swoop, but that would've been too messy.  I have learned from previous jobs that the best way for me to work is in small batches that I can clean up easily before moving on.  I hate stepping on things besides floors, tripping over debris and tools on the floor.  Mostly I hate this because I am a clutz and will hurt myself on an old rusty nail or I'll step on a drill left on the floor and break it.  So my work area has to be clean before I can start.  In the photo here, I will be taking down the lathing and more plaster at the left of the photo.  By the way, I am dying to finally take the wall down where the upside door is (this was the cardboard apartment) to let more light in the space,. but I do like having a "secure" room for our tools.
I can't wait to ge this ceiling down!

Immediately, upon starting in on the ceiling, "things" start raining down from on high.  Bottles, cans, an "Amos and Andy" thermos, tabacco tins, and then kitchen utensils.  A whisk, a batter spoon, two coffee cups, two juice glasses, salt and pepper shakers, a knife fork and spoon, and then a few jars of spices.  I have found someone's hidden kitchen!!

OK, this place creeps me out because I can kind of feel the history.  So, I decide I need to make an altar to the people who came before us.  If you walk down Main Street you can see it in the window on the second floor.  Included are the lady's shoe that came out of the wall, a few glasses, some bottles, some porn, a few cups and the whisk.  The stuff will make a great shadow box for the wall when the building is done.  The altar is for past residents, whom we don't want to forget.  I hope they will help and protect us while we take apart the building and put it back together again.

I would love to hang these on the side of the building!

Three inches of dust lay atop the lathing, which all came down right on my tarp, nice and neat.  Today is clean up morning and take the last of the ceiling down afternoon. 

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