Friday, July 19, 2013

in which there are setbacks.....

We have had a few setbacks with the building lately.  Will be back at work there next week, we hope, with big noisy power tools and machinery.  There is no stopping us now!  Will keep you updated!
In the meantime, we are psyched to be working with our favorite architects, Sarah Holland and David Foley who just left here this morning.  Our bulldog, Miss Mae, has fallen in love with David...he says it's the sheep smell on him....but we know true love when we see it!  

Tuesday, July 9, 2013

In which we are a bit absent...but not really

Though it may look like we are not working on the building at present, we are working behind the scenes with plans, architects, building suppliers, etc. in preparation for our meeting with the city of Belfast so that they can issue us a building permit.  We also decided that we need to work on the building as a whole, rather than work around the one rentable space we have in the building right now. That space will be available for us to gut and start anew at the end of this month.  We don't want to disturb our current tenant during the busy season, so we are working on our other businesses and working on revising the plans and doing a site plan for the lot.  Greg is leaving in a few days for a series of trunk shows down the East Coast, and is now up in his studio, busily cutting and sewing some new designs.  I just had a great sale of an early Andrew Wyeth watercolor of a Maine coastal scene and my clients want another one, so I am scouring the landscape trying to find an appropriate one for their collection.  Oh, and plus it is boating season!!
Be back soon with more updates!