Monday, April 21, 2014

In which I tell a floor saga.

An acquaintance, who happens to be a good, honest floor refinisher called me last week to ask about an ink on paper that he had in his house.  After answering his question, I immediately wrote him to say that I had been meaning to contact him about refinishing the first floor of the Ocean House.  I had been adamant about saving it.  We've had our share of leaks over the last year and I knew we had to replace some of the floor.  I was headed over to meet him at the building and he called, said he was already there and that there was no need to meet up.  The floor was beyond saving.  He said he would wait and show me what he meant.  
 First, he pointed out all the places where the floor was cupped....there were twice as many places that were separating, etc.  

Then, he said that there were about 5 different floors, some fir, some yellow pine, some wide board, most 3" wide.  

There was new damage and old.  The column replacement didn't do the old floor any favors.  

It would cost more to repair than to replace.

All of this would have to come up, and fast.  

The first floor was a mess, the cold room was still in place from the winter and there were boards and sawdust everywhere.  I am still painting trim, Greg is mired down in a project and I am scheduled to leave town on Wednesday for a trek to Philadelphia.  What do we do!  We get our ass up at 5 and start the day, is what we do.  We also hire a nice young fellow, son of great friends, and someone we knew needed to pay off a speeding ticket....three days should do the trick.  

First, I had to move and/or throw away a bunch of stuff.  NYF (nice young fellow) was due at 8am, so I got up, went to paint for two hours, got to the building and started clearing.  We did about a third of the building the first day....Or rather NYF ripped up most of the floor, while I moved the lumber yard from one spot to the next!

Poor NYF got to pull up the part of the floor that was screwed down...which meant the whole middle section!  I relieved him for a while, removed a floor board and found this little green army Jeep, the kind I used to play with, screwed down underneath the board. A shim perhaps??  

On the first day we uncovered the original lift doors.  Each floor had a set of these doors that could open, probably in order to move baggage for the hotel.  These heavy doors were completely rotted through.  On the floor above, the doors were charred black from a fire that swept through the floor.  Scary to think this place had a fire once!  

We are almost finished taking the floor and the nails up. We should finish tomorrow and then Greg and I have a hankerin' for solid hardwood hickory if we can find it at a good price.  I remember buying a cord of hickory wood for our fireplace in Chicago when I had roommates back in 1991.  Gorgeous wood.  I can't wait.  

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

In which I use my old camera and realize how good the photos are!

I pulled out my real camera yesterday to take some shots of the progress at The Ocean House.  I forget how nice photos can be when taken with something other than a camera phone.  The photo below shows the progress on the front of the building!  Yay for new, not rotten moldings!!  As I think I said in the last post, we had to special order the crown molding, which should be here today and ready to paint. All I can say is thank gosh the stuff is pre-primed!  I just picked up the new transom window frames to paint today too.  I really am excited to get some glass in those and get them back into place.  Looks below like we are waiting for some hurricane to come along!

I love that I took this photo from across the street, sitting in my car.  The detail and the clarity are great!  The lighter colored caps on the returns are metal and of course don't match, but they are paintable and do protect the caps from rot.  Now to protect from the pigeons! I love the plain style of the moldings and I think they add a lot of character and charm.  Now I cannot wait for the roof and the siding! 

We've finished almost half of the window frames, so the rest shouldn't be so bad.  I have to hurry though, May is almost here and I need to do some painting and cleaning of cottages before the season starts!

I also have to start working on this area, where the food trucks are going.  We have to get a power pole into the back corner to service the vehicles that will be there.  Anyone want some beams??

Sunday, April 13, 2014

In which we continue the painting and start doing other chores

We are working behind the scenes these days, trying to line up heating system quotes and roofing quotes and learning about the benefits of solar panels and whether we can afford them right now.  The boys are working on building the moldings around the roof line, which can be a very slow process, but they are doing an amazing job.  I blew back into town from my sojourn to New York to find that the boys removed the rest of the moldings from the front of the building.  They do this when I am away, I think, so that I can't stop them.  Greg told me that all the moldings and trim had to go because of the rot they found either behind the boards or on the boards themselves.  Don't worry though, new boards will be coming as soon as the special sized crown molding arrives, shipped from somewhere in New Jersey.

We are still in the thick of painting the frame surrounds for the windows.  I just completed the 14th frame.  Pretty soon it will be nice enough to paint outside or something.

We are also trying to dry the basement out in preparation for setting in drains and pouring a floor.  When the addition had no roof, a lot of water got in the lower level and froze there.  We also want to wait for the ground to really thaw out so that we can level the dirt with a sand layer and get to work.  It is getting to be the busy time for everyone and we need to get moving before all our subs move onto other jobs.  

Monday, April 7, 2014

In which I just ramble on about stuff and show more photos

Greg and I spent the weekend locked in the painting studio where we got about 1000 board feet of moldings painted.  As Greg needs to move into another project for his real business, I will be painting the rest over the beginning of this week.  The building is coming along and we have a meeting with the power company today about what it might cost to move our power underground and get this pole out of the way.  They are also coming to shut down the power so our amazing electrician can pull the box off the building and move it so the boys can install one final window and finish wrapping up the building for winter...oh wait, I mean spring...

You can see where the last window goes in the photo below. 

I am happy to report that the porch really doesn't impinge on the afternoon light.  This photo was taken out the front windows around 5:30 pm last Friday.  

And what a deck the apartment has!  I didn't really think it would be that useable, but here I sit, in a comfy chair, around 5:30, looking towards the bridge.   

 You really can just sit, put your feet up, and watch the town of Belfast go by. 

I need more to go on, but I think the apartment is haunted.  A previous tenant told us that she used to hear someone walking around the apartment in the middle of the night, I walked into the first floor of the apartment one afternoon and heard scurrying of feet above.  When I went to check it out, I didn't see anything.  Then on Friday, I toured a friend through the apartment, went back outside with them and then decided to make a video of the construction in the apartment.  When I got to the second floor, the radio was on...when it hadn't been turned on when I did the tour.  I still need some convincing, but for now, I think we have a friendly ghost, whom I will name Casper.  

Saturday, April 5, 2014

In which there is video!

I shot a Video of the apartment yesterday in its current guise.  

Have a look!

And if anyone wants something to do on a rainy Saturday in Maine, come visit me!  You all know where I am!  I primed 200 board feet of 1x8" trim boards yesterday among running around town a lot.  Today is a first coat of finish paint, "Regent Beige," let's just call it tan, shall we?  Or, perhaps "mocha frappachino."

In which we play throwback Thursday, a few days late!

September 2012, three months before we bought the place

April 2014

Friday, April 4, 2014

In which we are painting fools, and I mean fools!

A truck from Viking lumber arrived at Sunny Side yesterday and dropped off 1400 board feet of pine trim.  Combine that with the window frames that are already made up, and the results are tiring to think about.  Greg and I are doing our part to prime and paint all the trim as fast as we can.  Greg already painted about 1000 board feet of trim, which, if you are a regular reader, you know is already going up on the building.  

So we are painting fools!  I want to get all of this done before I have to leave for NYC next week (same day Greg begins jury duty!)
Color us frenzied, or tan, whichever you prefer.

Mid paint on one of the 7' tall window frames

The painting studio! Note the finished frames stacked up over the fridge

The delivery yesterday, the stack of 12" boards are around the corner