Sunday, March 24, 2013

In which I reveal myself and both shit and shinola rain down upon us!

Suited up and ready to go for the day.  Our goal is to get the rest of the ceiling down today and then get it cleaned up. It is awfully dirty work which I can only handle for about 3 hours at a clip before I have to start cleaning it up.  I am now writing this from the comfy corner in my living room at 5:30 am the day after with a roaring fire going and very sore abs.  You see, Greg and I pretty much pulled the ceiling down by brute force.  Fun at the time, but painfully sore the next day.  We got the whole thing done though!

Greg has used his sewing talents to make us a 20' long tarp tube to use as a plaster chute.  It works really well and takes debris by the bucket full.  The industrial grade tarp cost us $28.00 at Ocean State (they have the best tarps!) and it took Greg about 2 hours to sew it.  We suspended it from the rafters on the inside and that keeps the "mouth" open and then tied it to either corner of the dumpster to keep its stable.  Wish we'd thought of it earlier as he walked buckets down three flights of stairs when he gutted the third floor.  We couldn't figure out how to get the extra length needed to get the plaster from the third floor window without spending a fortune!  Funny though, every person told us "the best and easiest" way to make a debris chute...and they were all different!

As previously mentioned, I have to start out with a clean work surface in the mornings.  So the first thing I did was create an art installation worthy of the DIA foundation with my debris from the day before.  Honestly though, if this were a DIA installation, the walls would all be stark white, the tarp perfectly flat and the pile of rubble would have exactly 6493 pieces of plaster in it. There would be cheese cubes. mini quiche, and white wine too. See the rubble chute suspended out the window? 

I somehow thought it would take all morning to clean the mess from the day before, but with two of us, we made short work of it and got the ceiling down with crowbars and a lot of grunting and huffing.  

What a mess!

Of Shit and Shinola

Not only did we have bat, bird, mouse, and squirrel shit rain down upon us, but Shinola too...with the bottle half full and all....gross!

Some of the other choice items joining the altar today are these: 

 I now know what John McCain wore as a kid: sanforized denim!

I posted this beauty on Facebook for about 2 minutes and then deleted it as tasteless.  But someone must have loved it sometime.  I found this lying on the floor, with no debris around it, like I was supposed to find it and add it to the altar.  Funny, I found the hair net in the debris along with the coffee cups.  Love how her boobs are balanced on the tray.
I'm saving this one to give to Larry Jones.  

 All cleaned up and our chores are all done.  Those two walls at the back of the building come out today.

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