Wednesday, March 20, 2013 which a squirrel's nest, soft porn, a vintage syringe, and old bottles rain down upon our heads.

I've never felt dirtier in all my life.  Ewwwww.   We took down the ceiling on the second floor today.

150 years of dust coupled with some HUGE animal nests, old books, LOTS of vintage soft porn along with a Sadism magazine, some old bottles and a vintage syringe in it's wooden tube all rained down upon us.  GROSSSSSSSS.

Here are some of our treasures!  This one is a bit scary.  According to the internet, this was a short lived S and M terror magazine that lasted only 8 issues in the early 1960s.  Found between the floor boards.  

The vintage syringe in it's wooden tube.  Thought it was a cigar.  I think it's been used too.  

Ummm...OK, I am getting a clearer picture of this building now.  What did we buy???  There are two issues of Intimate that we found.  Apparently, Intimate Magazine is still in print.  Kim Kardashian was recently on the cover. 

We have about half the ceiling and walls down on the second floor and are just getting to the charred area where there was an old fire.  The fire damage is underneath the plaster and lathe, so I wonder if the building survived the fire of 1865 or 1873 and was remodeled.

     All I can say is, what a job and boy are we saving some money doing this ourselves.  The final two shots show the North wall and the ceiling all removed.  The building was built really well and has some lathe and plaster insulation as well.  I think we will leave it and just foam over it, if possible.

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