Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Got rid of some of the blight and were left with the slum!

We had our first dumpster delivered day before yesterday and it was filled to the brim within 24 hours!  I told the previous owner, who is still struggling to clean out the barn, that if his guys would clean up the piles of trash that were still left on the outside of the property, they could use the dumpster to dispose of it all.  I think they used half of it for the debris....but the property is now cleaned up!  

Greg spent most of the day at the site while I cooled my heels at the doctor's office.  I can proudly say that my A1C levels are perfect and my diabetes meds have been cut in half~~yay!  Anyway, Greg spent a load of time working on the wood pile that takes up a 1/4 of the second floor.  We now have a goodly amount of kindling for next year~Go Greg!

After lunch we started in on the cardboard apartment, taking down the coverings on the walls and ceiling. The cardboard was stapled and taped to the walls and it was a time consuming process to take it down.  What we uncovered though was the original wooden walls, ceilings, and floors...pretty well preserved after being covered for the last 30 years.  The walls have layers of wallpaper on them, some of the earliest looking to date (stylistically) from the 1870s.At some point someone glued panels, perhaps insulation panels, to the boards, and the glue has gone all black, making the walls and ceilings look like they were decorated with zebra stripes.

As I think I mentioned already, we found the framing for the door that originally opened out to the second floor portico on the front of the building.  I would like to retain these walls if we can as they are so part of the originality of the building.  

I kept thinking to myself that we were tearing down the blight to expose the slum.  Here is the temporary wall that was put up to frame out the cardboard apartment.  It was put up using old cement foundation forms.  Hopefully, we will break through here in the next few days.  

One dumpster down....several more (at least) to go!  

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