Monday, May 26, 2014

In which we are referred to as icons.

Today was a quiet one at the ole' girl.  We filmed our segment for the Belfast, Maine version of the Pharrell Happy video with some friends dancing in front of the Ocean House.
Belfast's Happy Video
 Our favorite ex mayor emailed me to say: "I see you/ Greg/ the building and not much more: all are iconic."   How could we say no with such a smooth opener....I have never been an icon before and likely never will again. (and probably am not now!) So we donned our overalls and hard hats and danced to the Happy song in front of the building for about 30 seconds.  The link above is for the short trailer, the rest should be out soon.  It was a fundraising idea for Our Town Belfast, an organization that promotes downtown Main Street.  What a great idea, Mike Hurley!  He told me that there were 80 location shoots in and around town.

Lots going on at the building this week.  The sheet rockers are coming tomorrow to get the apartment rockin' and rollin'. The first floor of the apartment is cleaned and ready for them.

 I will be sad to see this pattern disappear behind wall board!

Heat pump installation will continue rolling along.

 I am told that three days should be all we need to sheet rock the two floors and then another several days for taping and mudding.  Greg and I step in at that point and start the bathrooms and the finish mouldings.  We need to find a good looking carpet that isn't too far off a sisal or something similar...low pile enough for other rugs to lay on top.

I am off tomorrow for about 5 days to drive my mom from Florida to NY.  See you all next week!

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