Thursday, May 15, 2014

In which there is so much going on I think my head is spinning!

Our favorite contractor said that things will start coming really quick from now on.  He wasn't kidding!  Yesterday there were two guys working on framing the basement, two guys putting up siding, one working on the mouldings, our favorite foam insulation boys were there too, along with our favorite heating and plumbing guys...phew! I am showing the lower level to a potential renter tomorrow afternoon and this is such a small town that two customers at 3Tides on Tuesday night asked me if this potential renter had contacted me yet!

So, onto the photos.  Finally got the scaffolding off the side of the building yesterday.  We have to wait for the roofing company to come install flashing around the dormers before they can be sided.  The 6" wide crown moulding finally arrived after a SNAFU.  I got it all primed and painted and our favorite construction foreman installed it to wide acclaim.  I can't believe the difference a year and a half, a complete new foundation, structural supports, windows, dormers, and new siding can make!  

Now that big blue is gone, I really do love the colors together.

The building has quite the street presence now. There is a Facebook page called "You know you are from Belfast if...." and one of the moderators has been posing pictures this week of the Ocean House reconstruction and I love reading the comments about me a real boost.  The support the people in this town have shown to us has really been so tremendous.   We had an idea that people would notice what we were doing with the ole' girl, but we never imagined the whole town would be watching and talking about this project in such positive light.  Thank you all, you made us really sweat the details on the exterior and I think it paid off!

The new crown molding really completes the strong architectural lines on the front of the building.  I think most people thought I was nuts to focus so much attention on rebuilding the roofline mouldings, but the lines of this great building are what attracted me to it in the first place.  Just sorry that we couldn't save any of the original moulding boards...when I went crawling through the dumpster to retrieve some of the original crown, it was so rotted and damp in places that I knew we made the correct decision to take it all down and start again.

Framing out of the lower level.  The black piping you see coming down from above are the pipes for our heat pumps, which will offer heating and cooling throughout the year.

The insulation boys are hard at work on the third floor, where the electrical, the plumbing, and the heating stuff has already been roughed in.  I think they have one more day upstairs (state code requires 7 inches of foam in the roof and that has to be applied over two days so the foam can properly off-gas.  These photos were taken after the second day.

The foam will also add a lot of rigidity to the structure, which we need for such a tall building in such a windy part of town.

I took these photos while holding my breath because the place smelled to high heaven!  Greg and I opened all the windows for a few hours while we went out to dinner and that made all the difference.


Marjorie Byers said...

Seth - It's hard for me to express just how glad I am that you two took on this project and how beautiful the place is becoming. Can't wait for the finished product and a tour!!

Dad T. said...

It just keeps getting better by the day. Keep up the good work. Slowly but surely it is coming together in a great way.