Wednesday, May 7, 2014

In which we have the big reveal...of sorts

I think the best aspects of the photos I post are the changes in the sky and the light. This was taken around 6:45 pm and the upstairs is incredibly sunny.  

Ok, so here is the big reveal about the colors.  Heathered Sage is the name of the color on the cement clapboard that we are using on the building.  It is taking incredibly long to install over the blue board as all holes need to be drilled and then hand-nailed.  So far, this is the result of three guys working two full days on installing the clapboard.  But the work is gorgeous and I think overall the building looks very elegant.  
I have to get used to the trim color, which I think is too dark, but the more the blue goes away, the more I like the overall effect of the colors together.   Frankly, it is a bit bland, but with the added color on the basement level and to the doors, the building will look very happy in the end.

Not too hard considering what we started with!

1 comment:

Dad T. said...

This has to be the "TALK OF THE TOWN" in a very positive way.
Can't wait to see a finished side.
Looks so fresh and new.