Monday, June 2, 2014

In which we play take-me-back-Tuesday

I am back from my travels.  I took lots of photos of the sheet rocking progress, however the files were corrupted on my phone for some reason, so you will have to contend with my take-me-back-Tuesday photos.  

Before:  This was taken about October 2012, before we bought the Ocean House

A year ago, in June 2013 after removing the barn.  Notice the shape of the foundation...if you can call it that.  You can see the outline of the old barn on the side of the building. 

October or so, 2013.  Note that you can see all the way through the building in places, also note that in some places, there is no building to impede your view, because it is so rotted in places.  The only way we had access to the third floor was through that white door 

building the addition.  

This was my view coming down Pendleton Lane this afternoon.  The boys will be able to finish that one last stretch where you can see blue board as soon as CMP comes to move the power line to the roof of the addition.  

I really like this view.  I worked out better than I thought it would.

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cdm said...

What a blessing to downtown to have this wonderful outcome. You two rock!
Best wishes as it all moves forward at Ocean House.