Thursday, May 1, 2014

In which I yammer on about nothing in particular

We poured the floor for the lower level yesterday. Greg and I checked in throughout the day, but when I went to see the finished product at the end of the day, I was sealed out...all the doors have been locked to keep people like me out!  

Since I can't post photos of the floor, photos of the last window to go in on the first floor will have to suffice.  The window in the far left in the photo below was added just the other day. 

 and big blue is complete:

 We are still awaiting the 6" crown molding for the gable ends of the building, but most of the window frames have been painted and installed.  I have two frames out of 40 left to paint and I am just finishing painting the final 60 board feet of one x twelves.  All of the exterior doors are on-site and ready to install and the siding is going to start going up on Monday.  We were just told that to install over blue board, the guys discovered that the best way is to drill through the concrete clapboards and hand nail the clapboard with 3" stainless steel nails.  A regular siding gun blows the nails right through the board and into the blue board.  

We are also waiting to hear about the roofing bids, which are due next Wednesday to City Hall.  

Lots going on.  I am headed to the downtown conference in Waterville tomorrow.  It is a conference I started to attend last year about the best way to revitalize downtowns in the state.  Belfast is one of a handful of gold-star downtowns in the state and the conference is a good way for me to keep abreast of the best practices for building ownership and stewardship.  

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