Sunday, May 18, 2014

In which we get totally foamed.

Glenn, our favorite foamer has been at the building now for four days.  It took two days to foam the roof, and so I thought he would take longer to do the rest of the building, but he moved right through the place.  He was late a day because one of his cows was giving birth!  The building is tight and a lot of extraneous noise has been quelled.  I believe the building is less likely to sway now, which was still a problem last week. 

This is the fourth building we have foamed with our favorite foamer and the mess just gets bigger every time!  

The apartment is now beginning to look like a space.  Everything is lighter and bigger looking.

The wiring and the heating and cooling system lines are installed, so now, after waiting about a week for the off-gassing to diminish, we will have the sheet rockers in.  

With the foam on the first floor of the apartment, the bones of the building stick out.  I would love to have these walls hand plastered between the support beams and the studs to keep this Tudor look.  But, that isn't possible because of the expense, so I will have to keep these photos to remember the look by.

The ceiling has been strapped for sheetrock.

The lower level space is the real surprise.  After foaming over all the grey concrete, the space is really bright.  

So, we are just now beginning to look for a renter.  1300 square feet +

the space is huge!

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