Monday, May 5, 2014

In which our first business opens shop in the back lot...Welcome Fox on the Run Foods

Ok, I shamelessly purloined the photos below from chef Lauren Jellison's facebook update from this morning.  I arrived at the building around 6:20 this morning to find Fox on the Run food truck already in place, bacon sizzling.  I quickly went to work trying, in vain, to make the back lot look a little nicer, with less stones and rocks and things to trip over right in front of the truck window.  I took a rake and added what pea stone I had to the area in front of the truck to just be more inviting than the old bricks were that I dug out of the ground and threw to the side.

Lauren and her food truck, Fox on the Run, will be serving breakfast and lunch from 7am to 3pm through May and hopefully on the weekends through the summer.  If you all go buy from her, we might just convince Lauren to keep her delicious creations in downtown Belfast! 

Below, behold the egg and ham breakfast sandwich.  She serves a damn fine cup of coffee too!

For lunch today there is a choice of a hot bowl of smoked chicken chili, a Cuban sandwich, or an awesome taco creation.  I believe the menu will change daily.  

 mmmm...welcome to our first business!

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Michael said...

I picked up a egg/cheese/canadian bacon sandwich this morning. It was so good I went back and got another one! Great addition to the downtown.