Saturday, May 3, 2014

In which we go back under the building....and it is gorgeous!

The doors are finally hung on their frames, no more plywood openings, and the floors have set so that we can go in and inspect the floor.

Look at all this room!  We have decided to try and keep the cement floor and stain it.  We haven't come up with exactly what treatment we will use, but it will be a rich warm tone, perhaps something like a burnished gold.  I have to call my conservator and ask her what to do.  She specializes in finishes and would be the perfect person to consult.  
I can't believe how big it turned out to be!  Even at 6'6", I  feel like I have a lot of room between floor and ceiling.   

These photos were taken on a particularly gray morning about 8:30am

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Dad T, said...

The floors look great! What a great space this has turned out to be. you can stain the floors with plain wood stain and then coat it with polyurathane. Some people first polish the floor with a diamond impregnated polishing disc on a rotary floor machine then stain with wood stain or a color stain such as dark blue. Talk to the concrete contractor for the best advice.
Great Job!