Friday, May 23, 2014

In which I get a little pissed off.

To the person who likes to throw their building debris in our dumpster....please know that we have to pay to dump your stuff and just because we look like a big project where cost is no problem, we are constantly looking to cut the costs of renovating the building so that we can actually finish it. Please, throwing four toilets in someone else's dumpster says more about you as a contractor than you realize. Hope you don't get caught...cause I am gonna try to catch you doin' it....then your name will be" toilet dumper" all over town! Please feel free to share this update. Thank you.

psst...beware the new security camera!


Dad T. said...

Since I have known this guy from the day he was born he looks like pretty tough security to me! Go get 'em GREG. Hang em high. Or better yet ......flush 'em.

Anonymous said...

HA! We love you, dad. G&S