Thursday, March 27, 2014

In which we start focusing on the inside again.....

This entry will be a bit convoluted as I am showing photos from all over the building, but the work inside is spread out like that.  Interior walls are being put up, the stairs in the apartment are in and looks great (the railing is temporary, for the safety of the guys), the electricians started roughing in wiring yesterday, working off of Greg's electrical plan, and we are talking about heating systems and such.  
In the photo below, I am standing in what will be the living room, looking East towards the downstairs bedroom which has one of the best views, besides the upstairs bathroom, which has the BEST view of the harbor. 

We gave up on our plan to board a lot of the apartment in favor of dry wall.  It is a bit of a scaling back of the plan, but we will save enough money to be able to do other things, like investigate solar panels to help pay for electricity costs. We will spend the money we save on the dry wall on good moldings, etc.  

Looking up the stairs to the very cool third floor.

One half of the master bedroom, taken from the stairway..  There is now a wall right in front of me in this photo.  

I showed a version of this photo before.  This is the entrance to the apartment from the mud room.  The stairs will stay exposed the way they are in this photo, which we love!

A shot of the living room which faces Main Street and is open to the kitchen (where I am standing).  The boarded up door will open out to the second floor of the front porch.  
 The LVL beam down the center of the space and it's corresponding LVL support beams will be cased in rough cut timber to add to the loft like appeal of the space.

One of my favorite details that the boys did to comply with the structural engineer's recommendation that the support posts for the overhead beams be beefed up to help carry the extra load of the third floor.  They had to add four inches to the front of the posts.  We decided on rough cut boards that bolt into the beams, They look awesome, so much so that I have to share three pictures of them! 

The last photo of the day is of the first floor center beams getting their "branch" support arms, another engineering requirement to help with the load of the upper floors.  I particularly like this shot of the open ceiling, which will stay that way.  Greg calls this shot "hanging to the left."  


Dad T. said...

Looks great guys! Can't believe so much has been done in such a short time. Really looking good.

Anonymous said...

I like the new name.