Tuesday, March 25, 2014

In which I am somewhat disappointed in our window choices.

I am disappointed with the windows on the lower level.  The mullions are going in a different direction because the windows are smaller,  a detail I missed when we ordered the windows.  I really want to replace them, but Greg told me that we would be the only ones who cared.  I am sure when the windows are trimmed out, we won't notice it as much, but for now, I have a bit of a heavy heart as this is my favorite view of the building.  P.S. I LOVE the rest of the windows and think they make the building look so gorgeous!  Never thought they would look this good!

Greg isn't a big fan of the small windows up the staircase in the addition, but I think they are cute and fine.  One doesn't see them from most sides of the building, so no big deal, and they add a lot of light to the stairs.

I wasn't liking this view of the building overall, but now I do.  Once the final wall is repaired and the last window frame installed (that section on the first floor between the blue board) I think the building will be gorgeous from this view.

Sorry for the cut off view here, but the sun tends to glare right off the side of the building here, making this photo an impossible one in the late afternoon winter sun.  Just wanted to show the lower level picture window that opens out to the parking lot.  Once the trees are trimmed or taken out, we will have a gorgeous view of the water in the summer from this window.

Just have to take down some of those limbs on that tree out there!


Dad T. said...

I think the horizontal mullions in the lower level windows add a look of strength to the foundation area where vertical mullions would perhaps make the building look very stilted. With the dormers you have enough height already. I like the smaller windows in the staircase, what else could you have done to put light into that area??

Anonymous said...

No one will notice the difference in the mullions unless you mention it.....

seth said...
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