Tuesday, March 18, 2014

In which we review......

This, my friends, is known as the prop-me up post.  Why?  Because here is where we see the before and during photos, lest we forget what a dump this place was not too too long ago.  

This was taken about four months before we actually bought the building.  I wanted the RV to go with the place, just so Greg and I would have somewhere to live with Miss Mae when we have to sell our house to pay for this puppy.  We never got the RV  :-(
Saggy old thing, ain't she?

And so far...by tomorrow afternoon this roof will be all ready to go for the final layer.  Look how straight the building stands!

Oh my gosh, this looks like a bad 80s dance studio if I ever saw one!

 We still have a mighty long way to go, but what a difference!  This is really the same view as the photo above.

Ok, I love this comparison.  

I remember taking this picture and it seem like so long ago.

Here we are looking from the bathroom into the master bedroom (in my head) with dormers on both sides and a view straight up main street. 

My beloved basement!

 Certainly a work in progress


Anonymous said...

Well done, gentlemen!

wolfmandann said...

All the eggs have been broken. Now it's time to make a cake.

seth said...

HA! Thank you