Saturday, March 15, 2014

In which I have an overwhelmed day watching what the boys are doing

Phew!  I came into town and saw the building as it was in the photo below and felt a huge sense of being overwhelmed.  Don't get me wrong, while this is exciting, it is also scary for us to think what else has to happen before this project is complete

Once I got up to the top during lunch hour, I had some fun.  The views are amazing and the new interior space on the third floor that Greg redesigned over the last few days is neat and tidy with everything in it's place.  The space will be gorgeous.  I especially like the lines where the dormers meet in the middle, which will give the master bedroom an interesting four paneled tent-like ceiling.

Once the two matching dormers are built, I will feel much better and the building's transformation will really be on it's way.  Windows are waiting to be installed (thanks to EBS in Belfast for storing 50 new windows for us for the last four months!)

This would be great as a glass atrium!

More gorgeous views of the harbor..can't get enough of it!

The new addition from on high

The master bedroom as seen from the master bathroom.  It will be like being aboard a ship with incredible views

A glimpse of downtown Belfast through the roof

The interior of the finished dormer.  Our new plan which Greg drafted calls for this space to be very open, focusing on the architecture of the space itself.  The old plan had a bedroom and bathroom wall right bisecting this space and making it very chopped up.

The framed-in view.  A couple of comfy chairs right in front of this window and who needs TV??

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Dad T. said...

This is what I call real progress! Can't wate to see it all framed in and the sheating on. Go Guys!