Saturday, March 22, 2014

In which we got some new windows!

I left yesterday morning on a trip to Boston.  At 7am, I stopped by the building and the boys told me the window delivery was imminent.  I raced back to town this afternoon, cruising in 11 hours after leaving and this is what I found..... Brava, ole girl, way to shine!

This came out so much better than I had hoped.  The windows are fiberglass Integrity windows by Marvin and are powder coated on the exterior with the color "cashmere"

The first floor bedroom in the apartment has great views

I can't believe how awesome the top floor of the apartment is.


Dad T. said...

It just keeps getting better! The dormers and window selections look really great together. You must have a pretty good architect.

seth said...

Thank you! Greg and I worked for weeks to get the dormers right, then we gave the design to the architect who tweaked it to perfection. Greg and I went window shopping ourselves after careful consideration of a few brands we went with the Integrity by Marvin with wooden insides. We think we did pretty well. "Phew" is about how I feel today!!