Saturday, March 29, 2014

In which we go back in time and review....and look forward too!

This is Greg's concept drawing that he did last June when we went in front of the In Town Design Review Committee in order to get a building permit.  At this point, we didn't know that we needed an architect to draw up official stamped plans. I love this drawing, Greg did such a nice job and we were kind of bowled over as to how the old girl would be transformed....we kind of didn't believe it could happen and look this good.

And today....pretty good...the dormers got tweaked for the better and the color will be different (still too bad in my mind), the windows had to be sized down a tad. but we stuck with our original vision for the building and I think it is coming out really well. 

This is my new favorite view

It is kind of still astonishing to me that we are doing this, that we have gone from this photo to the one above in what seems like a relatively short time.

The boys started the porch yesterday!

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Dad T. said...

Every day it gets better. Way to go guys.