Thursday, March 13, 2014

In which we change the plan...again, and go back to three bedrooms.

So the boys finished the first of the dormers in time for this nasty weather we are having.  Ice pellets are blowing sideways outside right now...I am glad that it is not snowing the 2 feet they are getting elsewhere in the state!  Needless to say, I am still in my bathrobe in front of the fire.  

So I dragged Greg to the building after the boys left, as I hate getting in their way.  We checked out the extraordinary third floor and are really pleased with the way it is coming out.  I think the first dormer looks great and can't wait to see what happens to the building when the two front dormers go in.  

This is the view from the dormer and an extraordinary view it is.  Originally, this was slated to be a good sized bedroom.  With moving the stairs to the inside of the apartment, this bedroom got particularly small, only 8 feet wide.  On paper, it looked big enough, but in person, with all the angles and the buildout, the room got very small and it seemed a shame to have a tiny room with such a big view.  

Especially since one would be able to lay in bed in the tower room and be able to see out to this view if there were no walls.  So we decided to scrap the little bedroom and try and keep this space open to the rest of the third floor.  It can be a book nook or a place for a television.  Or, seeing how it is a dog house dormer, a place for a little bulldog to sleep. 


Bonnie said...

exactly what I was thinking about the little bulldog

Anonymous said...

How about some pictures of the finished stairwell and dormer???

seth said...

Because Anonymous, I forgot to take a photo of the finished Dormer and there is no stairway yet, just a ladder.

Dad T. said...

Are you afraid of heights? Climb the ladder or take some pictures from the outside!!!