Wednesday, March 12, 2014

In which the dormers finally get started.

The boys are working on the third floor dormers this week and trying to get the two they have started to be weather tight by tonight, when the big snow is supposed to hit (I don't think we'll get much more than a few inches, but we are on the line between 8-10" and 4-6" and the wind may blow the storm further in our path.) 
Here is a strange shot of the tower and the third floor room from the back of the building. I need to update this as the windows and the roof have been covered in plywood and one can see what we are trying to do here much better.  

When I arrived at the building yesterday afternoon, I had not noticed that the boys had started on the first of the three main dormers.  Imagine my surprise when I hiked up the ladder to see this!  Gosh what a view to the inner harbor.  

 Here is the new bedroom atop the tower with windows facing directly East and directly South.  I can stand up in most of the room, which is a bonus

The view from the new dormer at the back of the building.  Belfast Inner harbor with the foot bridge and the route 1 bridge.  In the summer the sun sets just to the left in this photo, it will be gorgeous!

Someday, Penobscot McCrumb will be knocked down and something better built in it's place.  We might get skunked in terms of blocking the view, but for now, we can see Castine in the distance.

More nice harbor views from the window of the bedroom atop the tower.

The first of three main dormers.  


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Man, it was pretty wet and cold on that roof this afternoon. But the two new dormers are water tight. The view is even better from the peak of the roof. Can you say widows walk or at least a crows nest?