Saturday, March 22, 2014

In which I spend a quiet Saturday at Slum and Blight

I spent the morning shoveling shingles and other debris into the dumpster and cleaning up the place.  I also had a nice long visit with the new windows on the first floor and walked around the apartment, which is going to be a really nice space!
I love what the windows do for the first floor.  Keep in mind that it is kind of snowing out and these are the North windows.  

 Definitely going to have to prune that tree out back

The apartment is coming together.  Here is the entrance as seen from the mud room.  Nice wide entrance.  We liked the idea of keeping the stairs open so that light could filter through. 

Here we have the stairs going up to the third floor.  That is the kitchen to the right and straight ahead to the bedroom past the stairs.  I am standing in a corner of the living room


Dad T. said...

Are all of the new windows and doors installed now? How about a pix of the outside from the street that runs in front of the building showing the dormers and the stair case enclosure?

seth said...

Patience, nothing has changed on that side of the building yet. We are buttoning up the North Side in prep for the Nor'Easter we will get on Wednesday. No, only 11 windows were installed on Friday. 28 more to go.