Monday, April 1, 2013

In which we have had an offer on Slum and Blight!

We have quietly been showing Slum and Blight to someone who has been interested in the property for several years.  Last night we came to an agreement and we took it!  We have been waiting for the previous tenant to vacate so the interested party could get a good look at the barn.  He loved it!

I am partly relieved and partly sad.  The building held a lot of headaches, but also some heartache as well.  

I kind of like this real estate thing..keep your fingers crossed that the deal goes through!

UPDATE*****   APRIL FOOL!!!!  We still own the building and you will be getting regular updates on our progress towards restoring the ole' girl!


Anonymous said...

oh wow was it for 3 million? that trumps throws his money around

Susan Perry said...

So you're not going to continue to fix it up? So sad. I've been following your progress and would like to have seen what you'll do the place.

seth said...

It was my April Fool prank Susan!