Thursday, April 4, 2013

In which I use working on the building as a diet plan.

I am starting to see the fruits of my labors on the building in the size of my waist.  I have never been able to weigh myself and try and lose weight by constantly doing so, as I really don't want to know how many pounds of flesh I actually am.  I ask my docs and nurses, when they weigh me, to not tell me  where I tip the scales.  As a 6'6" large boned man, I know that I weigh much more than the male ideal weight of between 160-180 and my BMI tells me that I am morbidly obese.  I personally wouldn't go that far.  No, I measure my progress by my belt buckle.
Since giving up gluten over a year ago and then giving up the stuff I replaced the gluten with (corn pasta, Fritos, etc.) I have had to put more holes in my belt and my waist decreased by 4" and my blood sugar went down by 200 points.  However, after mercilessly cheating the two weeks during our honeymoon, my waist was getting bigger again.  I couldn't seem to slough the weight I gained eating my way through Southern California.  But now I see it coming off again and I am happy.  Pounding down walls and taking out ceilings and lifting that barge and toting that bale has started to have the desired effect.
And, my blood sugar has leveled out again after cutting back on my meds by half!  Hooray for our team!!

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