Saturday, April 6, 2013

In which we achieved a lot and I came home to make cookies

Today, Saturday was a slow start for both of us.  Greg did get out the door by around 8am, and I dilly-dallied, paying bills, returning phone calls, waiting for checks in the mail for the cottage business.  After a full day off, I find it hard to get back into grubbing...but as I pulled into the parking lot, I thought...I need a blog post!

Thankfully it was too windy today to use the plaster chute...there would've been dust all over town!  Instead, Greg and I decided to finish gutting the plaster from the North wall of the second floor.  I think I mentioned that the original builders used plaster and vertical lathing to insulate between the studs.  You can see a partially torn out section below.  Most of the lathe is damp and comes out easily, and the nailing boards are pretty rotted.  But the job is time consuming.

And we had to move all this lumber first.  The second floor of the barn has some great lumber storage, so we took advantage.  It's nice to get that all organized and out of the way.  We discovered some great old crown moldings that might be nice to replicate.  

This was the one section I pulled out today.  It took a good 90 minutes per section.  I wish we coulda cleaned up more though...hopefully it will be calm tomorrow and we can dump the plaster

 It's one of those days where we saw a ton of progress and felt like we accomplished a lot.  
The space has turned from eyesore to beautiful.  I just love how much room there is here!   

I could only stay a little while as I wanted to get home to make cookies for a party tonight.  Turns out I spent all afternoon on the phone with clients.  Greg had pretty much had enough too, so we left for the day.

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