Friday, April 19, 2013

In which my arms feel like rubber and Greg says "This was a blog worthy day"


6:30 am and I can't get the tinglies out of my arms this morning.  My wrists hurt, the back of my legs are tight, tight, tight, and the rest of me is tired.  I spent all of yesterday under the building chopping out sections of a really poorly poured concrete floor.  Sections around the walls where moisture was getting in were mere centimeters thick, other sections were at least 3 inches.  Right before stopping for the day we found a section of floor that was three different layers of concrete.  
I was in bed asleep by 8:15.  

I spent all morning yesterday working on a section of the floor that not even three of us could break up by the late afternoon.  I had the bright idea after and hour or so of working on that section to go onto another area to make sure I wasn't doing something wrong....I broke up more floor in 45 minutes than I had all morning!!  I used a 5 foot long metal bar, either smashing straight down repeatedly to create cracks in the floor, or using it as a crowbar and pulling up the cracked sections.  Needless to say, going to the gym in the next few weeks would be a needless task.  

We are saving ourselves money by using the broken bits of floor as fill out off the edge of the parking lot.  We have enough room out back to make perhaps three or more parking spaces.  This stuff is $90 a ton to dispose of in a landfill, so we figured we'd save about $1000 by filling in our own land.  

Right as I was beginning to fade and think of quitting for the day, our favorite contractor came by at 3:00 with a concrete saw and said he could help us for a while....shit, I thought,  just as I was day dreaming of a nice hot shower and an advil cocktail.  We got back to it and Greg joined in and the three of us made good progress...about a third of the floor is at least broken up.

Here we see our favorite contractor working on the section that I couldn't break up by myself.  He could hardly get through it with the saw, so the three of us heaved and hoed and worked it until the frigging section moved a bit.  We'll get the excavator to come in and pull it out.  

Greg, swinging his trusty pick-axe.  I prefer the long crowbar approach myself.  Note that he is not wearing his steel toed boots...Tsk Tsk Greg.

In other news, we have new stairs!  Greg made a good set of stairs to replace the steep and narrow set that went up to the second floor.  Note his new table saw under the chop saw in the foreground.
We have now decamped back down to the barn where Greg has set up a nice "break area" for Miss Mae and ourselves.  The dog has her own chair and is quite comfortable being the junk yard dog.  Her tired was hangin' out last night as well.  We got home and she immediately had dinner and then went to sleep in her chair...didn't move a muscle until bedtime.  

Meeting with the structural engineer today.  That should be interesting.  

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