Tuesday, April 30, 2013

In which not much happens.....except for concrete removal

Other work and family obligations have kept us from Slum and Blight for the weekend.  I spent 21 hours in the car over the last four days, driving to Portland twice and to New York and back.  Greg has been busy with a benefit fashion show going on in Rockland on May 11th.  We met with the city planners on Thursday morning about the barn coming down and so we are now slated to go before the Belfast beautification committee to get approval to take the barn down.  The city planners codified some of the questions we had about a few things, so we are raring to go again.  Yesterday and today will find us back at the building, moving our broken up concrete out of the basement.
We made good progress yesterday and got about half of the space shoveled out.  We are going to try and dig down as far as we can in places as the front of the basement has a foot less headroom than the rear of the basement.  Our favorite contractor is going to bring over his excavator to help with the bigger pieces of concrete...he can reach in about 10 feet to get the stuff out, so we cleared the rest yesterday.

As an aside, my renovation fitness regime must be working as I have never felt this old and tired in my life!  Greg also complimented me on my legs the other day...which hasn't happened in years!

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