Sunday, April 7, 2013

in which a mustachioed stranger visits Slum and Blight and takes us for hamburgers!

Ahhh Sundays in Belfast.  Greg hopped up this morning, did his laundry and went to the blight.  I stayed in bed for an extra hour and plotted my day.  Sick of pulling down plaster, I decided to get rid of the large woodpile in the corner of the barn at the blight.  We were left with a great bonfire pile of rotting and cracked wood, but instead of move it to the burn pile at our house, I hauled it out to the dumpster.  I also uncovered the window in the corner from under the blue board and that made a tremendous difference.

A mustachioed stranger then walked through the truck doors for a tour.  With just a little hint of a smile on his face, the stranger remarked at the potential held by "the Blight"  I couldn't agree more.  He then took us to Rollies for hamburgers and alcohol while further reassuring us that we were schmaaat and that buying Slum and Blight was a schmaaat move.  Thank you mustachioed stranger  for your support!  We invite anyone to come for a tour, take us for hamburgers and drinks and tell us how smart we are...we just love that!

We came back to "the Blight" with a little more lubrication in our joints and brains and went to work shoveling plaster bits out the window and down the chute.  We shoveled for about an hour and called it a day. So far the $28.00 home made plaster chute works perfectly.  

 Thanks to Mike Cunning, our intrepid real estate agent for stopping by to pull nails out of the walls!  We appreciate every bit of help, people!

Here endeth the blog entry.  

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