Wednesday, June 11, 2014

In which there are some more photos of the Sheet Rock!

The actual putting up of drywall is done throughout the building.  Now a different guy will come today to start taping.  I don't know if he muds as well, but I am sure to find out.  My only regret was in not asking them to keep the most usable scraps so that we could donate to Habitat for Humanity or something.  I bet an entire house of useable scraps were thrown out.  Unfortunately, I didn't think about it until I saw the dumpster filled with broken scraps thrown into the dumpster from the windows.  

Here are some photos of the first floor space where Brambles will move in September.  I can't wait for the glass to come in for the front windows.  

 The space looks very Country French to me today.

The lower level is full of light!

I just can't believe that this space exists.  It is the biggest change to the building for me.  The height of the ceiling is 7'2" now.  When we started, I couldn't stand up straight in here.  

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