Thursday, June 19, 2014

In which it is Throwback Thursday!

Take a turn back in time with me as we look at the evolution of the lower level of the Ocean House.

Here we are again at the beginning, before we bought the property.  The lower level consists of plywood and cardboard walls with 150 year old cedar tree trunks as support posts

Here we are about 5 months into owning the building and I finally get around to ripping down the cardboard and plastic walls and making an opening in the plywood wall.  This new door was in place for probably 4 months. 

I kind of miss my piles of broken rock and concrete that got me through the fall and early winter

What we'll do for headroom, huh?  I love this photo below, it shows the bowed out front foundation wall that crumbled when D & S Jacking raised the building.  Notice the wall of salvaged boards that doubled as a foundation wall for about 15 years before we came along.  Note also that I still have about a foot and a half to dig down underneath that pile of rock.

The magic of walls!

...and door and window frames!

Looking straight and true,  I was so proud!

Yesterday's view!  We have a base coat for the stucco foundation wall.  No. More. Blue. Board.

The cement color is so much better than the blueboard!

A quick lower level recap.  This is what the space looked like right after we took possession of the building....or rather it took possession of us!

This wall crumbled immediately when the building was lifted in the air.  

 See previous photos to get the outside view on the same day!

my diabetes cure!  I can't believe I worked down here before new support beams were added.  

Bear with me here, this gets good soon!  The cross beams here had about a 6' clearance.  I gave the cedar posts to Ron Cowan for his totem carvings.

Aaaaand, through the magic of the space / time continuum comes photos of the current state of the lower level!  Hard to believe, but this photo is taken from almost the same angle as the one above.



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