Tuesday, June 17, 2014

In which there are some nice new photos

A couple of nice photos showing the progress on the exterior.  The masons started yesterday on the ground level, taping the blue board and adding a mesh screening for the stucco.  We have two color choices, so I won't reveal until we choose.  I've ordered a decorative bracket for the porch front on the building, it should be here in a few days and we will see if it works so that we can order the rest, or move onto something else.  The taping and mudding of the lower level space is going along smoothly.  So things are progressing!
Hopefully, the roof should get started soon too.  

look at all this light!


Dad T. said...

Does this all look great or what????? Nice job guys, way to go!

Dad T. said...

Maybe this will inspire the town of Belfast to push other property owners to clean up, fix up and paint up!

Dad T. said...
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