Sunday, June 22, 2014

In which we turn our focus on the East Side!

The East Side of the Ocean House

We frustratingly ran out of siding this week. The company sent a new batch on Friday morning, which the boys unloaded by boom truck onto the third floor only to realize it was the wrong siding about half way through unloading!  The company sent the grained siding rather than the plain flat siding that we have been using.  I was so looking forward to no more blue board!  

I gotta remember that anything is better than this...right? 
HA!  I love this photo!!

What the boys did focus on was completing the molding on the gable end, which has been missing for years. 

The framework is in for the waterview balcony off the first floor bedroom of the apartment.  This will be a great place to watch the fireworks during the Celtic Festival....if the boys can get it finished by then.

The base coat for the lower level continues to dry.  I kind of like the gray color, but we will snazz it up a bit with the final float coat finish color.  The ole' girl looks like she should be on a Boston side street or something....

Maybe if we all think good thoughts, the back ordered roofing materials will magically appear this week and we can get started on the roof!  Special thanks go to Thomas Kittridge, the Economic Development Director of the Town of Belfast for working so hard for us on the roofing project. 

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