Thursday, June 5, 2014

In which things are starting to take shape indoors.

When I left for parts South last Wednesday, I had this idea in my head that the sheet rocking would be done before I got back.  Perhaps I thought this because the sheet rocker said that each floor would take a day.  So, five working days later, the dude just got down off the third floor, which was actually his second floor.  I was pretty shocked to see the transformation when I returned.  No longer did I have views to every window and every room from where I stood.  The apartment seems smaller to me, but at times much bigger...does that make any sense at all??

This is going to be a hard apartment to photograph when it is done.  A view from the kitchen to the living room.

The view to the kitchen.  Our plan is to make the finished kitchen fairly industrial.

First floor bedroom

 Even with the walls, there is still a lot of light here.

I think I was told 8 days total for putting up, sanding and mudding...I think 18 days is probably more like it.  At least the weather forecast calls for showers for the next month or so.  

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Anonymous said...

Industrial chic indeed. Love it.