Friday, June 28, 2013

In which there is an educational video on fire prevention...with actual fire!

We met with the State Fire Marshall's office this past Tuesday.  Every building project in Maine must go through this office, so we took our plans to Augusta and sat down with one of the three people who review plans for the state.  What a great meeting!  We learned some valuable information and were convinced to put a sprinkler system throughout the building, which will save us time and money when we actually do the interior finish walls and ceilings.  
We ended up shooting the shit with two of the guys in the office and were told to go home and watch the below video which documents controlled burns in identical fire for the sprinkler system in one building.  

I always though that all the sprinkler heads went off when a fire was detected.  The Fire Marshalls laughed and told us that the movies were really setting their cause back because of that very detail.  Only the head of the sprinkler nearest the fire will go off and extinguish the blaze.  

Fascinating watching!

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