Sunday, June 16, 2013

In which we have plans, plans, and more plans...but you only get to see two.

My talented man has used his considerable drafting abilities to make some great ideas come to life. Here is our concept for the front elevation of Slum and Blight.  The addition on the right is at the rear of the building and serves as the stair and elevator core for the main building, and will someday act as the connector to an as yet undeveloped building next door.  The dormers on the third floor will enable us to have a good amount of usable space up there for a few bedrooms and a bath or two.     

I am particularly fond of the windows on the third floor and in the basement.

The plan fits in with a couple of downtown venues that are essentially the same type of building. Though our dormers are set back on the roofline instead of coming out flush with the side wall (forgive my lack of proper terminology) We are going for the same effect as these buildings a few blocks away.  Lucky  for us, our favorite contractor was the one who built out the first building.  

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