Monday, June 3, 2013

In which there is a lot of glass...and some tires, and some nice mahogany

I am preparing the barn for destruction next week, so with that in mind, we cleaned the second  floor out of all the detritus.  We found lots of useable windows and doors and so left them on the outside of the dumpster for free.  I will place a free sign there later.  Someone must have broken a lot of windows in the joint, or the previous owner was just a window collector.  Most of the doors are shorter than I am, which was the criteria for keeping or chucking....6'5" out ya go!

We were able to get the old mahogany handrails from the interior staircase down from the rafters.  11 feet long each and curved at both ends.  I might try to sell them.  Architectural salvage is big these days!

Anyway, if you are local and are looking for some neat windows or old doors for your own barn, load up the wife and the kids in the van and come on down, the more people you bring means the more"pieces" you can carry away.

Some really nice glass has already been snagged.  

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