Tuesday, June 11, 2013

In which the barn comes down

Well, the barn came down yesterday and it has me a bit overwhelmed.  There is no turning back now, and our batcave is no longer, so we cannot just go in and hide in the barn...we now have to really get this place up and running.....a daunting task.  I simply need to take a few deep breaths and stop thinking about it so much.  

We had lots of visitors yesterday, all of whom said "great job, glad it's not me!"   What was nice is that we didn't seem to have any detractors.  Every person thought it is great, what we are doing...me, gimme a few weeks more to think about it.  :-)

But you all came here to see the photos, right?  I took a bunch of video and will post those as soon as I figure it out.  Suffice it to say that Faulkingham's, the company that did the work, did a superior job.  Such grace with the large back hoe, battering ram and ballerina all in one.  The removal was an elegant job and the clean up was excellent.  The barn was down and gone before most people got up for work!

All the gear was off-loaded and ready to go when I got there at 6:45.   I figured I would get there early, but our favorite contractor had done so much, it looked like he was there at 5:45!

CMP arrived to cut the power at 7 or so.

One monster machine was there pretty much as a support, so the building wouldn't fall over onto the street!

Mr. Faulkingham gently removed the roof and set the metal aside for scrap sale.  Art, I tell you...absolute art!  I wish I had a video of the whole thing set to Swan Lake

 After peeling off the roof and the side of the building, the machine goes for the first kill, and the second floor comes crashing down inside!  Quite thrilling, really.  It was at this point that I realized there was no going back.

Slowly, the old girl was brought to her knees.  But amazingly, the two buildings remained attached until the final bite.  And the demo firm was amazing at keeping the two roofs together until there wasn't a lot of weight on the barn side anymore....there was some damage, but we will manage.

The roof comes down in almost one piece...which was set aside for the scrap sale.

This photo shows the two holes in the roof where the barn was attached.  The original molding on the roof eaves survives and that might be nice to put back on the rest of the building.
This photo was taken about 2pm...the building had already been hauled away and all the debris raked up.  Bravo to the Faulkingham Company and to our favorite contractor, Larry Jones.  
 I know, scary, huh?  Just wait til the next photo

Larry and Greg tarping the building, and a shot of the building from Main Street Belfast, ME.  It looks a bit lonely and sad....but we'll help the old girl to look her best.

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