Tuesday, June 25, 2013

In which Mean People Suck...apparently

Greg and I went down to Slum and Blight on Sunday morning to rake up the property and get the debris out of the way.   I was there on Saturday night and the below phrase had not yet been painted on our fence.  Seriously? Removing the blighted building must have made someone miss that portion of Slum and Blight, because they apparently wanted to re-blightify #2 Cross Street.  
I mean, someone took the time to PAINT these words on the fence in front of our building.  At least tell us how mean people suck...something original would be great to read.  At least the vandals spelled all the words right...but let them try a compound sentence instead of a declaration and let's see where that gets them!   You know what else sucks?  Vandals painting stupid shit on someone else's private property. 

All I have to say is...if this is how you want your town to look, fine by me.  If I paint over it, the sneaky bastard will be back in the middle of the night...I doubt she or he sleeps all too far away. and I will have to repaint again!   Greg and I have decided to leave it alone for now.   
 Would love to chat with the vandal and learn their motivation.  Keep your eyes open!

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Anonymous said...

yeah, "for now...." mwahh-ah-aaahhhh.....