Saturday, June 15, 2013

In which there was heavy metal and huffing...and puffing....

We got a bit of a late start this morning as we were paying bills and doing other things at home.  We got to Slum and Blight around 12:30 and worked for a good 10 minutes before a mustachioed man in a luxury sedan pulled in and took us to lunch.  We love days like this.....even more so when we get back to work afterwards.

One Furnace Gone...a ha ha....

Though we disconnected the furnaces last month, we had not attempted to move them, that is until today when we got the bright idea to go down to the building and have a metal day.  There are two furnaces in the basement at Slum and Blight...well, one now.  This one below was just a hulking shell and when I disconnected it from the heat exchanger above, the sucker toppled right over on its side.  The ducts to the heat exchanger were sealed together with, what else, Duct tape, and basically, the tape is what kept the furnace standing upright all this time. Even as a hulking shell, this thing weighs a lot...Greg and I took a lot of it apart and essentially rolled the rest of it out of the space before packing it in for the day.  

I think I mentioned that we had the demo team separate the metal from the barn into a scrap pile.  Scrap metal sells for somewhere around 90 bucks a ton, so even though it is not feasible for us to haul this pile away, our pal Lester will gladly do it..and make himself a few hundred bucks in the deal.  With the furnaces, he'll add some more $$ to the pot 

  Lester, an old time scrap man, makes regular stops at Slum and Blight to pick out the goodies we leave him.  He stopped by the day the barn came down and nearly wet himself with delight over the scrap metal bonanza.  He has been diligently working on the pile all week.  The place looks like a war zone, but the pile gets smaller each day.  Poor Lester is operating on his own these days with simply a Jeep and a trailer.  He borrowed someone's saws-all and is cutting the pieces so that he can fit them in the back of his truck.  

Here is a nice photo of Lester with his pile of scrap.
 We left Lester there in favor of showers and feeding Miss Mae.  Armed with the padlock combo, Lester promised to work until dark, to store his trailer and tools in the "garage" and be back tomorrow.  He also vows to have the job done by mid-week, and regrade the drive before he leaves. Through a mouth half empty of teeth, he calls us his clients and tells us he'll treat us right.
I love Maine.  

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