Saturday, June 29, 2013

In which we take a good long look at our surroundings.

How do we fit in?  
We are considering other color choices for our building and are taking a good hard look at the downtown that surrounds us to better understand how to fit in.  

 I've come to the conclusion that it is kind of a mishmash of styles, colors and textures.  

I love this pretty blue.

So, I am trying to understand what the spirit of the downtown really is so that we can make a more informed choice.  This is a difficult one.  From the front windows of the building I can make out a rainbow of colors.  Yellow at the upper left, followed by orange and red, red and dark gray, yellow on yellow and sea foam green on black,  

I don't want to have that cheesy faux Victorian look that you get in some towns.  So, we'll sleep on it and see.  

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