Monday, August 4, 2014

In which there are more progress photos

A few of our recent progress shots.  In the photo below, you can see that the roofing has finally begun!  It was a long time coming, but completely worth the wait....Our favorite roofers are doing a fantastic job.  I asked if they wanted to put out ad signs and the foreman's response was..."oh we don't advertise much...too much work as it is..."  Good for them, no wonder they were booked solid four months in advance!
 We've almost finished the front of the building and the first floor has a fresh coat or two covering up the old dark green. 
Remember when??

This is a nice shot of the new roof.  The boys have made much progress and by the end of today, they should have this whole south side done

We started trimming windows today!  While Greg painted the front of the building, I painted the trim boards and started to touch up around the exterior of the building, painting over nail heads, etc.  

Today I took on the ugly LVL beam on the first floor.  Why do they have to come stained that ugly yellow color?  Needless to say, I sanded the shit out the beam...I love the grain, it looks great natural, but I will stain to match the rest of the beams.

Great photo showing the newly sanded LVL beam and the Linen White walls courtesy of Ben Moore.  

Flooring is in the building getting used to the space.  We should start that next week most likely. 


Cheryl Fuller said...

I live at the very end of Pearl St. It is such a treat to look out my front door and see how beautiful Ocean House is now! Thank you!

Dad T. said...

Well guys you continue to make all the right decisions for completing what will be the trend setter in the town of Belfast. It just keeps getting better and better with every major move. I love it!

Fredda Dangelo said...

Awesome job by your roofers! You know they're that good when there's a four-month waiting list. It's great that you held out for them. I also particularly liked the color that you picked, as it goes well with the rest of the Ocean House. It is truly shaping up to be a sight to see in your side of the town. Good luck with the rest of the construction!

Fredda Dangelo @ Accurate Roofing & Siding

Bert Aguilar said...

The house definitely looks a lot better now. You guys did a great job with the renovation! I like the porch that you added. It gave the exterior of house a better image, as well as an area for you to hang out or entertain guests. And the metal roofing looks pretty neat too! Anyway, thanks for sharing this post with us, Seth. All the best!

Bert Aguilar @ RainFillTanks