Wednesday, August 6, 2014

In which the push is on....

Three weeks and the push is on.  Greg trimmed out most of the windows on the first floor yesterday while I followed behind with nail head putty and paint.  They look great!  I finished fauxing the last beam across the space for that blended look and it really brings it all together.  In between, you could see me with my gallon bucket of paint touching up the trim on the exterior of the building.  I have gotten around to the back side so far!  We are experimenting with the trim on the front of the building and I like these glimpses of green around the door.  

Two weeks in and the boys are done with the roof on the south side.  It is beautiful and really sets off the rest of the building.  I have been discussing grading and cleaning up the site around the building and it will look amazing when we three weeks!

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Dad T. said...

The South side roof and the front door trim color looks great. I like it!!